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Relationships can be very challenging and may not provide the support and satisfaction we would like. Difficulties arise for many reasons such as extra marital affairs and betrayals, ongoing conflict, addiction issues, past trauma, financial problems, parenting issues etc. The Gottman Method of Couples Counselling is based on over 40 years of research by John Gottman and offers an empirical based model of intervention  starting with  a full assessment of your current functioning -both strengths and challenges-  and working towards a  healthier relationship. We want you to enjoy the relationship you deserve. One that provides you with emotional support and the companionship you desire.   

Elizabeth is a registered social worker, clinical counsellor, and has currently completed level three of Gottman training in Couples therapy. She can help you and your partner learn more about yourselves and each other and reconnect on a more intimate and understanding level. Contact her to schedule an appointment. Start your journey to a better life today.

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Life is challenging. Difficulties arise and we often feel overwhelmed. Reaching out to a professional, with the knowledge and experience to assist at such times can help us to better navigate the situation and progress to new personal growth. Elizabeth has experience working with problem issues such as stress, anxiety, depression, post trauma, and adolescent concerns just to mention a few, utilizing an eclectic model based on your individual needs including, but not limited to, Solution Focused Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Emotionally Focussed Individual and Couple Therapy, and Neuroscience.

Confidentiality Policy

All counselling is strictly confidential. Records related to your counselling; or even the fact that you are a client, are only to be released to others with your written permission, or by a court order. You are entitled to privacy and to expect that all communication and records related to your service are kept confidential.

There are exceptions to this contract of confidentiality. Your therapist is required by law to report to the proper authorities in the case of child abuse (if a person who is a child is being harmed or is in danger of such), or if there is any possibility of a suicide, a homicide, and if your reports are subpoenaed by a Court.

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